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Simplify and Enjoy Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

In today’s bonus episode, we’re diving into hitting your money goals while still having fun! 

Ready to Stack Some Benjamins in 2022? 

Welcome to this end of year bonus episode! 

As we’re winding down and wrapping things up for 2021, one of the best things we can do is setting things up to make it easier to achieve...

Nov 10, 2021

Today we’ll go over key steps on how to make and achieve your big family financial goals for next year! 

How to Set Up (And Achieve) Your Family’s Financial Goals

As 2021 winds down, now is a great time to set up some pieces with your finances so you can knock things out of the ballpark in 2022. 


Last week I went...

Nov 3, 2021

Get a peek into how we did with our goals for this year and see how you can do your year review and set yourself up for an incredible 2022!

Why You Need to Do a Year-End Review with Your Money

It's November, aka the time of the year where I usually start winding down. 

As you may or may not know, I take December off...

Oct 28, 2021

Today we’re going to look at three common and awkward arguments married couples have around money  and how you can tackle them together! 

Awkward Money Conversations When You’re Married

Marriage and money isn’t always easy. Chances are the two of you have different personalities and approaches to finances. 


Oct 20, 2021

How happy are you with your current banking situation? Are you getting real value out of your checking and savings accounts? Or do you feel like you’re getting nickeled and dimed? 

Today we’ll go over how to find a better banking option and how to seamlessly move your money! 

Why It Matters Where You Bank

These are...