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Simplify and Enjoy

Feb 25, 2020

Learn how you can find a great deal on a reliable car that you love!

Car Buying Guide

For many families, car payments are a part of their finances and a big chunk of their budget. 

Average monthly payments for new vehicles are $530 for new vehicles and for used cars, it’s around $381.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. 

When we switched over to buying our cars with cash, it really freed up so many options.

Besides having more flexibility with our money on a monthly basis, we also found that we tended to save a significant amount on the total purchase price with our cars. 

Getting to that point takes a mindset shift and a system. It’s not overnight, but you can set things up where you’re moving in that direction. 

And when you keep your car costs affordable you can then redirect your hard earn money towards other goals that matter to you. 

I want to help you out with that today. 

One of our goals for 2020 was to get a replacement car for my husband Rob. He uses it for his commute. While the Maxima had been a fantastic vehicle for many years, it was becoming obvious that we needed something else. 

Originally we were looking at hunting around this summer once we had taken care of the kitchen renovation project. Long story short, we found ourselves last month scouring online and at dealerships for his car. 

We found a great one that we love that was well within our budget. I’m going to take you through our process for finding it and buying it outright – which I recommend for sure, but I know that we’re all at different parts of our journey so you may want to look at financing part of your purchase.

How can you make sure that you’re getting the best deal on not only the car but your rate? 

Bob Sherwin is here on the show today to answer those questions. He’s the indirect auto underwriting department at Coastal Credit Union so he’s the perfect person to walk us through the process. 

In this episode we’re getting into:

  • finding a reliable car that going to last
  • Preparing to save up as well as how to best prepare if you’re financing the purchase
  • Negotiating the best deal – you have more power at the dealership than you think

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

Essential Resources for Buying a Car

If you two are thinking about buying a car soon, here are some handy resources to help you get the best deal on them!

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