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Simplify and Enjoy Podcast

How to Set Great Habits for Your Money, Home and Life (and Actually Keep Them!)

Jan 5, 2021

Most of us have our hands full. Too many times, our finances, health, and homes don't get the attention they deserve.

We’re going to be talking about how you can reset your habits and simplify finances, home, and life so that you can have some big wins this year!

Reworking Your Habits

For multiple reasons, 2020...

What You Need to Know About Building a Budget

Jan 21, 2020

 Plenty of advice on how to build a basic budget, but how do you strike that balance where you're saving and investing for financial freedom and independence while still having fun now with the kids? We'll find out how today!

What's the Best Budget for You? 

Budgets, spending plans - whatever you call them,...

Which Financial Independence Path is Right for Your Family?

Jan 7, 2020

Financial independence is a hot topic, but with so many different paths (FIRE, leanFI, FatFIRE, slowFI, etc), it can be difficult to figure out what's the best path for you. 

Today we dive into some of the most popular 'flavors' of financial independence and weigh the pros and cons of them. We’ll also get into how...