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Simplify and Enjoy

Aug 27, 2019

Today we’re showing you how to create a FI (financial independence) plan even while you’re raising your kids!

Financial Independence and Family

In this final episode for the season, I want to go back to a question I asked at the beginning – is it possible to become financially independent while raising kids? 

I had gone over some myths people have about the FI movement, including that you had to be high earners or that or that you need to be pinching pennies clipping coupons obsessively. 

Today I want to lay out some strategies and ideas on how you can create a path to financial independence that reflects what you value. 

Pace it so you’re also enjoying the journey. 

To do that though, you need a plan.

Which is why I’m happy Catherine Bryant is here. She’s a Financial Advisor at Coastal Wealth Management. 

She’s sharing some crucial things you need to consider when crafting a plan.  

I’m also going to share some takeaways I got from speaking with an early retiree here in the Triangle area awhile back that has been incredibly helpful for us on our journey. 

Through careful saving and planning, Justin and his wife managed to accumulate enough wealth to retire in their 30s, while raising three kids.

In this episode, we’ll look at:

  • big wins to focus on with your budget
  • Why your savings rate not income matters more with becoming financially independent
  • Some ideas on investing  so you can have that during   early or otherwise

I don’t want you to put this off anymore. 

Let’s get started! 

Handy Resources to Start Investing and More

Here are some handy resources for your home renovation projects!

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They’d love to help you start investing for retirement and more!

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