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Simplify and Enjoy

Jun 24, 2019

Welcome to Simplify and Enjoy, the podcast and community focused on helping families have less stress and more options thru minimalism and financial independence!

I’ve been in the personal finance space for almost 10 years. Besides running Couple Money and now Simplify and Enjoy, I’ve also written for other sites like Business Insider, Turbotax, LendingTree, Entrepreneur,…you get the idea. 

When people see this online or maybe a friend finds out what I do, many assume that my husband and I talk about money.

A lot. 

But that’s not the case.

For us, money is a tool that we use to reach our goals. 

Whether it’s deciding where to live, being able to work from home, having more time with the kids, and saving up enough to become financially free or even independent – all of these require being wise with the money coming in. 

The big question we’re personally tackling is how we can work towards becoming financially independent while raising our kids? 

We’re grateful that so far we’ve managed to pay off debts like the car loan and student loans, which gives us more options to save and invest our money. 

We have been able to explore options like working from home because we have the buffer. A big part of the how is through pursuing minimalism and financial independence. 

But as we have taken this journey as parents and as a couple we’ve also had to make some choices that may have skewed from what’s typically shown in the media. 

We’re above average savers, but we’ve also pulled back at times because we want to enjoy the now with our little ones. 

We cut back on eating out, but we’re still foodies. 

Travel is a part of our budget. 

While we’ve taken on some DIY projects around the house and our tech, we also have no problem calling in contractors or splurging on some tech we know we’ll use and enjoy. 

We’re trying to balance raising our kids while being wise with our time and money. 

So if you’re parents looking to give your family more options to design a life that reflects what you love, Simplify and Enjoy is for you!