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Simplify and Enjoy

Jan 14, 2020

Financial Independence seems almost impossible when you’re trying to raise kids, but many families are doing it. 

Matt Miner shares his family’s journey along with some key takeaways! 

Pursuing Financial Independence as Parents

While finances are tracked and you are trying to optimize it, the real critical resource you’re seeking is time. 

To me, the point of financial independence is to give yourselves enough flexibility to pursue a memorable and meaningful life

When you have kids, there are many conversations about priorities, what you value, and working within you and your kid’s limits. 

So what does that look like in the real world? How do you pursue financial independence while raising kids and enjoying the time you have with them? 

Today Matt Miner is here to share not only talk about the finances as an advisor over at PLC Wealth but designing your life as a parent. 

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • How Matt and his family paid off $225k and paid off their mortgage along with how they invest
  • Designing FI into your life before hit that number
  • Raising your kids where you give them what they need and enjoy without going overboard with spending or stressing yourselves out 

Let’s get started!

Resources to Be FI as Parents

If you’re looking to become financially free or pursuing FIRE as a family, here are some resources to check out! 

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