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Simplify and Enjoy

Aug 5, 2020

Should We Hire a Contractor or DIY This Home Project?

Turning a house into a home can be a rewarding part of being a homeowner…or it can be a nightmare. Get tips on how to figure out if going DIY or getting a contractor is the way to go! #diy #homereno #homeprojects #podcast #family #fi

If you had to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on how handy you are, what would it be?

First off congrats if it’s a seven or higher.  However, even if you’re more in the one to three range, chances are you had those moments and conversations about how cool it would be to tackle some projects. 

It could be as simple as a splash of paint, switching up the decor, okay sprucing up a room, or even tackling a renovation. 

Maybe it’s because you’re stuck at home and you’re thinking, ‘yeah, we need to change this up. 

Or it could be the not so subtle influence of that HGTV binge of 

But then you hit this wall. Let’s call this wall reality.

And the reality is telling you that updating your kitchen is going to cost you a whole lot of money because you’re going to need a contractor and a team to execute your dream. 

Or you hope to save some money and do the work yourself, but you’re the person who just gave themselves a two. 

What do you do? 

First, take a step back and relax. There’s no rush or deadline. 

Second, enjoy this episode because we’re digging into figuring out how to tackle your home projects, big or small! 

In this episode we’ll get into: 

  • How to decide whether or not to DIY
  • How to find the best contractor for you and your budget
  • Expanding your DIY skills

Ready? Let’s get started! 

Resources to Make Your Home Renovation Project More Affordable

If you’re planning on doing a home renovation project and you want to keep it stylish and affordable, here are some resources to check out! 

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