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Simplify and Enjoy Podcast

Nov 3, 2022

With the year wrapping up soon, now is a wonderful time to do a year-end review of your money goals and set yourself up for an incredible year ahead!

Reviewing Your Money Goals for the Year

It’s that time of year again! 

Besides our monthly money reviews, one of the things we do is a deeper dive year-end review. It’s a way to review the numbers, celebrate wins, and adjust our system as needed to achieve our goals. 

Everyone has their own system, but the bones of the process are usually the same. 

  • We start by pulling up the goals we made for the year.
  • We review all our accounts – top to bottom – to see where we stand. 
  • We discuss what worked and what didn’t for us. 
  • We then take that information and use it to plan out the next year.

On paper, it’s a fairly straightforward process, but believe it or not, it can be fun and empowering, which may sound a bit crazy to you, but I hope to show how you can enjoy it.

In this episode, I want to:

  • take you through a high-level view of how it works
  • point out ways you can make the review run smoothly so you’re not scrambling to see all of your accounts
  • talk about how you can use your review to set things up for big wins next year

I hope you enjoy! 

Resources to Easily Stay on Top of Your Family’s Finances

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