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Simplify and Enjoy Podcast

May 25, 2022

Today we’ll see how you can streamline your finances and easily manage your money! 

Simplify Your Finances

With summer unofficially starting this weekend, I can understand if you’re ready to switch gears and go into vacation mode. However, if you’re willing to set aside an afternoon or evening, you can streamline...

May 18, 2022

Learn how one couple came together to pay off $400k of debt, become financially free, and give over $1 million!

Simple Money, Rich Life

Let’s start off with some good news: You don’t need a complicated plan to achieve financial independence or freedom. 

In fact, that’s probably either slowing down your progress...

May 11, 2022

How does a summer vacation in multiple countries sound? Road-trip around the US? Month in the Bahamas? 

Learn how one family of five plans and travel hack these epic trips so they’re getting an incredible deal!

Ready to Travel Hack an Epic Family Vacation?

Last week we discovered the risk and rewards of travel hacking...

May 4, 2022

Learn how you can find the best credit card rewards and travel hack so you can save significant money while enjoying a fantastic and memorable vacation!

Travel Hacks to Enjoy Your Family Vacation for Less

We typically talk about ‘responsible’ financial goals, like paying off debts, saving for emergencies, vacations...