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Simplify and Enjoy

Jun 24, 2020

Since March families have been forced to scramble and readjust their money, homes, and routines to deal with the pandemic.

Today we’ll look at how you can reset, rework, and simplify to reduce the stress and overwhelm this summer!

Summer Plans: Rework Your Money, Home, and Routines

Right now 2020 seems to me to be a cross between a disaster movie and a rollercoaster. 

The original plan was to return last month to Simplify and Enjoy, but things needed to be adjusted. I partnered up with our sponsor Coastal Credit Union for mini-series focused on dealing with the financial side of the fallout of the coronavirus. 

But as happy as I am to have the ability to do that, I also realize how that’s only one piece of the puzzle. 

Our finances are something we deal with regularly, but life is more than money.  I believe that money is not the goal. 

A tool that you can use to build a life around who and what matters most to you. 

I think having the stay at home orders really hit home how we don’t need more stuff. Time is the resource to look at. 

How are we spending our time? What are our lives focused around? Then build your finances around that.

Little by little. Step by step.

There’s a connection between everything and that’s why this second half of the season is going to look at. 

How do you move forward in times like these? 

Many of us are resetting and reworking our finances, our homes, and our lives. It’s not easy and in fact, for many families, it can be daunting. We’re still in the middle of the crisis. 

So for the next round of episode we’ll peel back these layers on how you can simplify during this summer and beyond so you can have more options and less stress. 

Specifically, I want to talk about where you can get some big wins with your money, home, and life. 

In this episode we’ll get into: 

  • How to rework your budget 
  • Transform your home to fit your family’s current needs
  • Adjust your routines so you can feel less stressed and overwhelmed  

Let’s get started! 

Resources to Help You 

If you’re ready to get your budget up and running, here are some handy tools and resources you should check out! 

Thank You to Our Sponsor Coastal!

Support for this podcast comes from Coastal Credit Union. If you’re living in the Raleigh Durham area and looking to bank better, come check out Coastal today!

They not only have fantastic customer service, they also have competitive rates on their checking and savings accounts!